Leasing is value creation. The execution of excellent retail projects depends on senior development and leasing executives working effectively in concert for bespoke, market-driven designs. Our established working relationships with the key retail houses, both within the region and internationally, empowers mSquared with a dominant advantage of proprietary knowledge of each retailers' dynamic requirements.


As a first step, we thoroughly research and study the market to define and verify the aspirations and positioning of the project. The targeted trade area, competitor analysis, penetrations and retail sales market shares are all considered at this juncture; all of which determine the total centre sales projections which, in turn, defines the optimum composition of the centre.

This leads into the anchor strategy for the centre, which defines the USPs and anchors, size, orientation and required infrastructure, specifically access (ingress and egress), parking and service bays, all of which have a tremendous bearing on the project, directly impacting the ultimate financial performance of the investment.

Subsequently, anchors, majors, mini-majors, flagships and inline retail ratios are defined and revenue modeling and retail plan adjustments are carried out to ensure that the financial KPIs are assured.


With the merchandising plan and tenancy mix defined, the next step is to run sales projections on a unit-by-unit basis. This allows us to accurately set realistic rental levels that are a product of retail use, sales productivity and margins.


With the retail plan set, this process defines the usages for the entire centre. We take the ratios of these uses into account and benchmark them against international best practices while respecting and factoring local preferences.

The tenant mix defines the retailers that are targeted locally, regionally and internationally to meet the merchandising plan, taking into account brand equity and productivity, store designs, operators’ capability, reputation and financial and management strength.


This encompasses:

  • Drafting the lease document, which governs the relationship between the landlord and tenant.
  • Establishing the Lease Approval Process, which defines the internal sign-off process for tenancy selection and commercial terms in accordance with fully approved pro-forma budgeted rents.
  • Issuing the lease documents to approved tenants, following up until lease execution which includes all relevant lease payments, final execution by your authorized signatory, and the required filing of a second copy.
  • For the purpose of control, mSquared recommends that all variations from the approved standard leases are processed by your legal and administrative teams. However, we are capable to receive and process all such requests on your behalf if requested.