Master planning / Concept / Schematic Value creation is captured at the 'front end' of concept and schematic design through the interaction of all disciplines, including development, leasing, asset management and project management.

At this initial stage, we work to quickly identify value drivers of the master plan and convert these into a coherent retail diagram that will attract world-class retail brands.

From this market-driven perspective, we work with leading architects to create a built environment that guarantees customer appeal – each with its own distinct 'wow' factor - while also working as an elegant and efficient retail environment functioning on a natural human scale.

This balance of exceptional design and pragmatic cost plan management is achieved by engaging first rate design teams coupled with dedicated to detail client management.


With schematic design now complete, the team focuses its efforts on defining and refining the design details. These include architectural, structural and building services engineering, along with value engineering initiatives, operational asset management and leasing considerations, especially to create efficiencies and maximize the total leasable area. Throughout this stage, your Project Management Team will be fully engaged.


In the Project Management function, our practice is to remain completely engaged throughout the tender, bid and construction phases, acting as development manager on your behalf to ensure that project objectives, design intent and key performance indicators (KPIs) - including financial, reputational, leasing, quality and program indicators - remain intact.


Identifying and defining critical workflow disciplines are integral parts of the mSquared philosophy. These gateways ensure that all key decisions are fully analyzed, reviewed and resolved before the design is allowed to progress, as well as providing an important opportunity for the client to review the progress of the project at every milestone.